Wooden Tray With Drawer Knob Handles

Wooden Tray with Door knob handles | Popcorn & Chocolate

This wooden tray uses drawer knobs as handles to add a cute, whimsical touch.

Wooden Tray with Door knob handles | Popcorn & Chocolate¬†Ever since I saw these handles I knew I needed them. They are little dogs! Just too cute! But I didn’t want to put them on my dresser so I needed to come up with a DIY that would incorporate them somehow. Welcome this tray. And welcome me learning how to (properly) use power tools.

Wooden Tray with Door knob handles | Popcorn & ChocolateI was quite proud of my handiwork and that I didn’t take off any fingers whilst drilling holes into the wood. Although this project does sound daunting – it is by no means so. You can get all of your wood cut at Home Depot and can use wood glue to hold the tray together instead of hammering nails into it. Coming from someone who has barely used any tools before in their life I was able to make this whole tray so I think you can too! Check out the full tutorial over on Homedit. We show you step by step instructions on how to put together his lovely wooden tray with drawer knobs as handles.

Wooden Tray with Door knob handles | Popcorn & ChocolateThis project gives you an excuse to go look for fun drawer knobs, which means going to places like Homegoods or Anthropologie… sounds like my kind of project! Let us know if you end up making this tray! You can find the whole tutorial here on Homedit.

Wooden Tray with Door knob handles | Popcorn & Chocolate

P.S. If you like the coaster in the first photo you can find the DIY here

Wooden tray with drawer pull handles | Popcorn & Chocolate

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      1. Isn’t it awesome when something goes right! I’ve had failed projects, so I really appreciate it when it all comes out great at the end. It’s the journey…right?? So they say…

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