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Pom pom wreath for a festive door

DIY pom pom wreath | We're Going to Make it
This pom pom wreath is amaze (pom pom) balls! I’m sorry for saying amaze balls, I don’t know where it came from, I’ll refrain from ever saying that again. I hope you will forgive me and continue to read on to find out how to make this amaz…ing pom pom wreath!
DIY pom pom wreath | We're Going to Make it
I’m not much of a wreath person but when I saw this pom pom wreath from Anthropologie I immediately thought two things: 1. I need this, closely followed by: 2. I can make this. And so I did just that! It is so fluffy and colorful and I just want to make one for all my doors in my house (but not really as my hand might fall off from all that pom pom making).
DIY pom pom wreath | We're Going to Make it


Pom pom maker (alternatively check out this tutorial to hand made your poms)
Yarn in various colors
Hot glue gun

How to make this pom pom wreath:

1. Start by grabbing whatever color of yarn you want your pom pom to be. Wrap the yarn around one of the pom pom maker sides, keep wrapping until the whole side is completely covered in yarn. Do two more layers (or more for even thicker pom poms). Do the same thing with the other side of the pom pom maker.
2. Taking your scissors, cut through the middle of the wrapped yarn on both sides.
3. Take a small piece of yarn and tie it super tight through the middle of the pom pom maker. Tie a second knot to make sure it is secure.
4. Open your pom pom maker and take out the pom pom. Fluff out your pom and cut down any long strands.
5. Continue to make many many many more pom poms. You can get creative and alternate colors, or do two or three colors at once to make some more funky pom poms.
6. Once all of your pom poms are made then you can go ahead and fire up the old glue gun and start gluing each one onto your wreath frame. I put the glue onto the actual frame and then firmly pressed the pom pom onto the blob of glue. Continue to do this until your whole frame is filled with pom poms!
DIY pom pom wreath | We're Going to Make it
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DIY pom pom wreath | We're Going to Make it


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