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DIY hot plate for Thanksgiving and beyond

DIY hot plate
I’m coming in hot with this diy hot plate! Even though Thanksgiving is tomorrow (yikes!) you still have time to make this hot plate for the big day, but hey, it’s also good for any day that you serve hot hot hot food!
DIY hot plate | We're Going to Make it
I wanted to share this diy hot plate with you before Thanksgiving but it seems like that day really creeped up on me. I didn’t even know what I was making until a couple days ago. I gotta get with it! I think I got overly excited about Halloween and just completely forgot about the big turkey day. But hey, I still got a couple crafts up for you, right? Who made their aprons??
DIY hot plate | We're Going to Make it


Plastic bowl and spoon
Newspaper (this diy is a bit messy!)
Elmer’s glue
Felt feet

How to make this DIY hot plate:

1. You will want to start by lying out some newspaper on the area you are working as this craft can get a bit messy.
2. In your plastic bowl, pour some Plaster of Paris. Mix this with a little bit of water. You don’t want your mixture to be super runny or too solid so add more water or plaster to get a nice balance. 
3. Pour your plaster mixture into one of your letters. Make sure to clean around the edges if it overflows or spills as it will harden like that. Pour your plaster into all your letters. Let harden for 1 hour and then pop the letters out of the mold.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 two more times so you have three sets of plaster h-o-t’s.
5. Once all of your letters are done, take your Elmer’s glue and put some on one side of the H. Press the O onto the H where the glue is. Add some glue to the top of the O and press the T onto it. Do this with all three sets and then attach each of the sets by putting glue on the feet of the letters. Give your glue ample time to dry before you move your hot plate.
6. Optional: glue on some felt feet to the bottom of your hot plate to protect your tables.
DIY hot plate | We're Going to Make it
You’ll be hot hot hot if you give this diy a go! Be sure to pin it for later!
DIY hot plate | We're Going to Make it