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Simple Cardboard Cactus Tree for Christmas

Not going to lie, this cardboard cactus tree reminds me of a creature from Stranger Things, plus the Christmas lights on it just make it all the more Stranger Things-esque. That wasn’t quite the look I was going for, but hey, we’ll just go with it. It goes well with my wrapping paper from last year.
DIY cardboard cactus tree | We"re Going to Make it
It is my dream in life to have a real cactus that is big enough to hang lights off of, but until then I’ve got to make do. And since I run a DIY blog, make do is just what I did with this cardboard cactus tree. I wanted to make it super simple for all of you last minuters out there. If you don’t have a tree this cactus can stand in it’s place, no pesky needles to be vacuumed up either!
DIY cardboard cactus tree | We"re Going to Make it


Exacto knife
Green paint
Paint brush
Hot glue gun

How to make this cardboard cactus tree:

1. Start by cutting out a giant cactus shape in cardboard. Cut out a second cactus shape that is slightly larger than the first with it’s arms going in a different direction.
2. With the slightly larger cactus shape, cut a slit in the middle that goes almost to the top.
3. You should now be able to slide the larger cactus shape onto the smaller and have a standing cactus.
4. Paint your cactus green.
5. Optional: if your cactus has trouble standing on its own or you had to use smaller cardboard pieces, hot glue all the pieces together.
6. Decorate your cactus tree with lights and ornaments and wait for Santa to leave presents underneath!
There you have it, a Stranger Things-esque cactus monster… I mean tree! Be sure to pin and share this DIY for all your cactus/stranger things loving friends!
DIY cardboard cactus tree | We"re Going to Make it