Super Simple Pom Pom Sweater Upgrade

DIY Pom Pom Sweater | We're Going to Make it
This pom pom sweater has been my savior these past few weeks as the temperature rarely went above 0 degrees. Oh the joys of living in New Hampshire. If you too are living somewhere where it is freezing cold then I suggest you make yourself a cute pom pom sweater to stay warm!DIY Pom Pom Sweater | We're Going to Make it
All you need to make this sweater is some yarn and a sweater, might I suggest re-purposing an old one?
diy pom pom sweater | we're going to make it
The fun thing about this pom pom sweater, besides the fact that it is covered in pom poms, is that you can choose what color pom poms you want to put on your sweater. You can also make jumbo poms or itty bitty ones if you want to be a little less obvious. DIY Pom Pom Sweater | We're Going to Make it


Pom pom maker (optional)

How to make this pom pom sweater:

1. Start by finding some yarn for your pom poms. Next, take your pom pom maker and wrap the yarn around one side of the maker. The more you wrap the thicker your pom pom will be so if you want really thick pom poms then wrap the yarn around it a bunch. Once you are satisfied with the amount of yarn you wrapped, do the same thing on the other side of the pom pom maker.
2. Taking your scissors, cut down the middle of the yarn on both sides of the pom pom maker.
3. Cut off a long strand of yarn and securely tie it through the center of your pom pom maker. You can now take your pom pom off of the maker and give the pom pom a trim to even out the yarn. For easier tying abilities keep the strand of yarn you tied around the middle long.
4. Make as many pom poms as you want for your sweater by repeating steps 1-3.
5. Once all of your pom poms are created you can tie them onto your sweater. Taking the needle, thread it with one of the long strands from your pom pom that you used to tie the middle. Place the pom pom on the front of the sweater where you want it to go. Bring the threaded needle through to the other side of the sweater. Do this with the second long strand of yarn. On the inside of the sweater, tie both of those strands together. Cut off any excess yarn. Repeat with the rest of your pom poms.

If you don not own a pom pom maker follow these steps to make a pom pom:

1. Take your yarn and either using a piece of cardboard or just your hands, wrap the yarn around it about 20-30 times, depending on how thick you want your pom pom to be.
2. Gently take the yarn off of your hand or piece of cardboard and cut off another strand of yarn to tie around the middle. Tie it securely.
3. Fluff out your pom pom and cut off any uneven strands, be sure to keep the strands you used to tie the middle long.
4. Refer to step 5 above to attach your pom poms to your sweater
DIY pom pom sweater | We're Going to Make it
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DIY pom pom sweater | We're Going to Make it