Girl Power T-shirt: an easy DIY you can wear

DIY girl power t-shirt | We're Going to Make it

This girl power t-shirt is something I strongly believe in. I think females are strong as hell and I want the world to know. DIY girl power t-shirt | We're Going to Make itI plan to wear this girl power t-shirt to the upcoming women’s march anniversary. Last year I got to march in Boston and it was one of the most inspiring events I have ever been to. I wore my pink hat with pride as we marched through Boston commons.DIY girl power t-shirt | We're Going to Make itThis year I thought I might up my game a little and add this t-shirt to the mix. I plan to wear this way beyond the women’s march too because it is just too good not to!DIY girl power t-shirt | We're Going to Make it


  • Plain white t-shirt (I bought mine for $3 at Michaels)
  • Iron on letters
  • Iron

How to make this girl power t-shirt:

  1. This is optional, but I would start by washing your shirt so it is clean before you transfer your letters onto it (especially if you bought it at a craft store…).
  2. Cut out the letters G-R-L and P-O-W-E-R from your iron on letter pack. You will want to leave some paper around the letters so you can peel it off later so don’t cut flush to the letter.
  3. Place your letters paper side up onto your t-shirt where you want them to go. DIY Girl Power t-shirt
  4. With your iron on the cotton setting, firmly press down on the letters ironing them in a circular motion for about a minute. I did each letter individually to be sure it got the proper amount of heat to secure it to the t-shirt.
  5. Flip your t-shirt over and run the iron over the back of the shirt where the letters are for about 30 seconds.
  6. Allow your shirt to cool COMPLETELY before attempting to peel off the paper, I waited a couple of hours before I peeled mine off. If your paper isn’t easily peeling off then you need to go back over the letters with your iron. If your paper rips half way through peeling if off and there isn’t another good corner to peel from you can take a damp wash cloth over it and soak the paper then rub it off with the cloth. I had to do that with two of my letters and it got the paper right off.

DIY girl power t-shirt | We're Going to Make it

Be sure to pin this diy and share it with all your feminist friends! And, if you’re looking for other shirt makeovers, check out these flannels!

DIY girl power t-shirt | We're Going to Make it